Web Design

The Internet provides the best way yet to enhance communication, information exchange, and collaboration between employees, customers, and suppliers.

A good Web site will communicate branding messages and create interest, drawing users into the site to discover more about you and your products. Utilising our experiences, DACO design can help you to make effective use of your presence on the World Wide Web.

The website can be either a static simple HTML website – effectively, an online brochure helping to give an organisation online exposure.



DACO design build custom-made websites for every client.

Alternatively, clients can choose a complicated dynamic website with multiple applications deployed into it such as 'Database Integration' or 'Content Management Systems' enabling you the freedom to manage your site when you want.

Domain names

Before building a website, you need to buy (or more correctly rent) a domain name. The cost of this has dropped dramatically in recent years and we can now purchase for you a .co.uk address for as little as £2.99 a year. Also included in standard packages, you receive unlimited email addresses at your chosen domain name, granting you constant access to your email on the move from a desktop PC (POP), or using a web browser (Webmail). CHECK DOMAIN NAME AVAILABILITY HERE

Web Hosting

Just owning your domain name isn't much use in itself. Buying a domain name also brings with it the need for web hosting. Web Hosting allows individuals and organizations to publicly present their own websites accessible via the Web. The hosting provides space on a server for use by their clients. 

Whatever your hosting needs we can provide you with a tailor made solution. We offer hosting packages based on both Redhat Linux and Microsoft Windows 2003 (with full .NET Framework support) platforms.

With every web hosting plan offered, the client gets affordability, reliable speed but above all, personal service.The web servers we use are monitored 24-7 to ensure the highest levels of performance.

Graphic design

If you need to integrate your web site design with other media, such as logo creation, advertisements, business stationary, leaflets, brochures, fliers, large format printing etc - then look no further. We are skilled in all aspects of print design and are in touch with the current applications, trends and influences of todays market. By understanding your needs we can create a design to ensure the greatest impact in the marketplace.

DACO design work together with various printing houses in volume enabling us to offer you even cheaper printing prices! We bring your conception home for your collection!


The word ‘Multimedia’ is used to describe software and applications that combine text, high quality sound, graphics, and animation or video. Dd&M have experience in creating multimedia applications and presentations for business or charity events, exhibitions or conferences. Additionally, we can offer clients streaming audio and video, CD marketing and distribution as well as offline web brochures.

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